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Morocco Offers

Endless Possibilities

In one well-organized tour, you can feel the ocean breeze on your cheek, traverse the desert on camel-back, snowboard down sand dunes, take a boat trip on a lagoon amongst the flamingos, hike the highest peak in North Africa, melt the tension away in a traditional Hammam and enjoy the delicious culinary delights that Morocco is famous for. Choose one out of several Morocco private tour packages and meet your exceptions. This will be a trip you will never forget.


Top Picks

Tradition Keepers

Arts & Artisans

“Uncharted Paths” is all about discovering what lies behind the shiny lamps and vivid colors. It is about discovering the real Morocco with locals.

Indulge & Rejuvenate

Girls’ Favorite

A whole new way to explore Morocco's uniqueness beyond the typical off-the-shelf tour. Native Morocco will create the perfect journey for you.

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Bring The Kids

Travel in style and enjoy the celebrity treatment. You can relax and enjoy all the best of Morocco and leave all the organizing to our professional, local team.

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The Oasis Sanctuary

Disconnect & Relax

Oasis Sanctuary is all about disconnecting from your daily routine and stress. It's about taking a moment to relax and enjoy yourself and all that Morocco has to offer.


Patterns Journey

Designs & Heritage

Morocco has the magic to create unforgettable Memories. Let us help you create the perfect romantic escape that you will never forget.

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Tastes of Morocco

Spices and Flavours

Are you looking to bond with friends or colleagues. Whatever it is we can make it happen. Travel in style and enjoy the celebrity treatment. Let us take care of you


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Medina streets of Rabat


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