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Private Tour Tangier

One of the most interesting cities in Morocco. Just 250 kilometers from the capital Rabat, and directly across from Spain on the Straight of Gibraltar, this city has a long history of being a strategic gateway between Europe and Africa. A strategic port, this land has been occupied by many including the Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Portuguese, French, and Brits. Jewish and Muslim refugees fled here in their thousands after the fall of Alhambra in 1492; and declared an international zone by world powers in 1923, this city became a haven for smugglers, spies and those escaping the law. Today it remains a city troubled with illegal migration movements and petty criminals.


Over the years however, it has also attracted many artists, writers and musicians. Perhaps wooed by it's intense history or perhaps it's lawlessness made it exciting, it has been home to Delacroix, Matisse, Gaudi, Tennessee Williams and even Mick Jagger for a time.


With monuments, buildings and landmarks as diverse as it's history, this is definitely an interesting city to visit. If you do have time to make the trip however, there are many things to include in your list of things to see. The Caves of Hercules are hidden in the jagged coastline and where Greek hero was said to rest between battles; Dar el Makhzen is a 17th century royal palace which remains standing and now houses two museums rich with the art and archaeological artifacts from the region; and the American Legation, the first American public property outside the United States, this building commemorates the relationship between the States and the Kingdom of Morocco. For some respite in between, visit Park Rmilat for stunning views across the Atlantic ocean and a brilliant spot to picnic and watch the sun sink into the horizon.














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