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10 Things You Can Only Buy in Morocco

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Morocco offer an amazing opportunity to immerse in the exciting local culture and experience the tradition of this eclectic North African country. Moroccan souks (traditional Arab markets) are an invigorating way to indulge in all things related to the Moroccan culture and tradition. The majority of products for sale are handmade and come from strictly organic products, and the souks are overflowing with products that are the perfect representation of the country's rich culture. Everyone that has been to Morocco is familiar with the almost hypnotic urge to take a little slice of the country back home with them when leaving.

Keep on reading for a list of 10 unique treasures that you can found only in Morocco.

10. Balgha -Traditional Moroccan Slippers

Also known as Babouche which means slipper in French, balgha are traditional Moroccan shoes worn for centuries by men, women, and children. Balghas are one of the most popular products often displayed in the souks. They come in different materials, colors and designs. Balgha surely makes for a great gift or as an exciting addition to your shoe collection.

9. Tagine

Famously known as a delicious dish in Morocco, tagine is also the pot in which the meal of the same name is prepared. With a recognizable pyramid shape, tagines come in different colors and patterns and are often made with earthenware clay. Tagine is a perfect gift for your foodie friends, or great addition for your kitchen if you have enjoyed the hypnotic Moroccan dish.

8. Moroccan Lanterns

Traditional Moroccan lanterns look very fairy tale alike and can be a perfect reminder of the magic of Morocco. You can often find shops filled with lanterns illuminating the dark souks during the night, and they fill any space with amazing and hypnotic patterns.

7. Moroccan Decorative Plates

Hand-painted ceramic plates coming in all colors and patterns can work as a great gift for your friends. Pack these items carefully, as they are known to break in suitcases.

6. Ras El Hanout

Souks are well known for the aroma of spices filling the air with rich and hypnotizing fragrances. Moroccans use an abundance of spices in many of the delicious traditional dishes you find in all restaurants. Ras el Hanout, is famously a mix of every spice used in their tasty tagines, pastillas and more.

5. Oil Lamps

A little Aladdin vibe is more than welcome in your home, right? Luckily, you can find a traditional oil lamp in Morocco that can serve as an amazing and unique souvenir.

4. Berber woven baskets

Moroccan woven baskets are always handmade and originated from the Sahara desert regions. Even though modern Moroccans are not using them anymore, recently riads are bringing them back in the traditional décor, which made them popular again. They are often colorful and beautifully designed.

3. Leather goods

One of the oldest tanneries in the world can be found in Fez, Morocco. The leather here is died in a traditional way and sold to local merchants who usually would turn it into leather bags, belts, shoes, jackets, and hats.

2. Djellabas

Djellaba, a Moroccan dress robe worn both by men and women is the most traditional piece of clothing in the country. Therefore, there is a variety of this interesting traditional fashion piece found in the souks around Morocco.

1. Berber Rugs and Carpets

Berber rugs and carpets are among the most popular items found at the souk. Proudly displayed in traditional patterns and colors, Moroccan carpets are often pricey but their quality is unquestionable, as they are known to last for years - and it is often a better price when purchased in-country versus imported supplier shops.


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