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How to pack for a Morocco Vacation

Getting ready for a Morocco trip, for most people usually includes a lot of staring into an empty suitcase and a wardrobe which gets more confusing and less helpful every passing second.

The questions incorporated in this contemplative suitcase starring usually vary from Should I bring warm clothes, to Is this dress inappropriate for Morocco.

The answer to this question varies hugely. There are a couple of factors to consider before starting packing, once you get them right you’ll be done with the suitcase faster than you can say Fez.

1.The Weather factor- When are you planning to go

Morocco is often associated with very hot weather, which is not an exaggeration, as summer temperatures easily go above 100F. However, a slight stretch from the popular opinion is that Morocco has hot and arid weather throughout the year.

Morocco has a subtropical climate, cooled by breezes off the Atlantic and Mediterranean- hot summer days and chilly nights.

The temperatures in the interior of the country are more extreme, winters can be fairly cold and the summers very hot. In fact, the further you are from the ocean the more extreme winter and summer.

Seasonal packing for a Morocco trip is almost impossible because you could go from sweating in Marrakesh to shivering in the Atlas mountains. However, depending on which season you are traveling to Morocco here are some essentials.

Summer- Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, stick to light colors and clothes that will keep you cool but bring a light jacket for after dark.

Spring/fall- The weather is still warm and pleasant, but bring a windbreaker, mostly loose-fitting pants, long skirts, and light t-shirts work well.

Winter- Layers, layers, layers! If your traveling in winter your suitcase should be filled with clothes for every season. Bring a jacket, a windbreaker, warm clothes but also bring a swimsuit.

2. The Itinerary Factor- Where are you planning to go

Are you visiting big modern, pro-western cities like Marrakesh and Casablanca or you want to explore the off the beaten path rural villages? Are you going to the coastal part or are you visiting the interior?

-The answer to these questions will help you organize your packing list. For example, if you are going to stay only in Marrakesh, then you can stick to casual wear, if you are heading to the coastal Essaouira bring more swimsuits and beach accessories. In rural areas of the country, it’s advisable to dress more conservatively.

3. What are you planning to see

Similar to where you go, you should plan ahead of what are you planning to do in Morocco. It will help a lot in the packing process.

Planing a hike in the High Atlas, bring hiking shoes, a backpack. If you are visiting the Sahara desert, you should bring tennis shoes, a headscarf, etc.

For adrenaline junkies, a day riding the waves of Tagahzout’s coastline or wind and kite surfing in Essaouira would require trusty pair of water-resistant shoes and practical bathing suit.

Morocco is offering tons of activities and that’s why is very smart to plan your itinerary beforehand.

4. Cultural Differences

Weather stereotypes and cultural stigma associated with the North African country are usually the main obstacles blocking your packing process from going smoothly.

The most important thing to know before packing for Morocco is there is no specific dress code, the locals don’t expect you to dress like them.

Compared to other Muslim countries, Morocco is quite accepting of how female tourists dress and rarely will you be required to cover your head. Still, it’s highly advisable to show respect to their norms and avoid provocative clothes or displaying too much skin.

Packing for a Morocco trip should be customized and personalized to your specific plans. However, here is a checklist of essentials that you should bring when visiting Morocco.


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