Luxury trip to the great Sahara desert in morocco


Explore The Timeless Beauty

The incredible, vast and dramatic Sahara, there may be no other place on earth so evocative. Constantly at the mercy of the sun and wind, this ever-changing landscape is as formidable as it is beautiful. Here you will find countless and constantly shifting sand dunes; clear skies showcasing the milky way unlike any other place on earth; and a tranquillity that is truly incredible. Berber tribes have roamed this land for centuries and those that still remain live a life almost unchanged despite the passage of time. Life here is still dictated by the sun, the wind and the hope of rain.


If you visit only one place in Morocco, it needs to be here. There is no other place that contains the lifeblood of this country in quite the same way. Whether you choose to embark on a long and slow journey by car or by camel; or accelerate the adventure with some "surfing" or "4x4" action in the dunes, this landscape will stay with you. And with ready access from Marrakech, even if you only have a few days, this place is within reach. Visit some of the villages where ancient traditions still dictate the way of life. Here, many women still identify themselves with their tribe through the tattoos on their faces, and the rich, colorful clothing is as much a protector from the sun's intense heat as a beautiful display of tradition.


The timelessness, the beauty and the resilience of the people that have made this place their home cannot help to leave a lasting impression - there is nowhere else like the luxury Sahara dessert tour from Marrakech.

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Luxury trip to the great Sahara desert in morocco
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