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Image by Heidi Kaden

FES To Chefchaouen Day Trip

Things To Do In Chefchaouen

Also known as the 'blue city', or 'Chaouen', Chefchaouen is one of the prettiest cities in Morocco. Nestled in the Rif mountains in the north west of the country between Tangier and Fes, this quaint town is a bustling metropolis with a totally different feel to the other larger cities. The iconic blue mixed in the whitewash here, gives the Kasbah a blue tinge and makes the cobble stoned streets a dreamy quality that will have you captivated from the moment you arrive. 


Said by some to be a symbol of Jewish solidarity after many sought to rebuild their lives here after fleeing the Nazis in the 1930s..others say the blue symbolises the sky and heaven, and a constant reminder to lead a spiritual life. Whatever the reason, the various shades of blue that permeate the city make these streets a real pleasure to explore and get lost in.


Closed to foreigners until 1912, this mountain village is a breath of fresh air after being in the chaos of the larger cities. You will wake before sunrise with the haunting calls to prayer and then you can fill your days exploring the streets lined with leather and weaving workshops, the 15th century fortress built to protect the inhabitants from the invading Portuguese, the Ras El Mar at the eastern wall of the city and of course taking in the view from the abandoned Spanish Mosque on the hill.


Often referred to as the "Pearl of Morocco", the pace of life here is different to the other cities in Morocco. While you will still find the familiar chaotic elements of the markets, there is a beautiful innocence also. Local people who really want to know more about you, and understand where you are from, and to share with you the best elements of their town and their culture.














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