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Skiing in Africa: View the Sahara Desert from the slopes in this charming ski resort in Morocco

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

When you think about winter getaways, the sun-kissed North Africa jewel, Morocco surely does not make the top of the list. For many avid snow sports lovers, winter getaways usually mean a ski trip to a fairy-tale village nestled in snow-covered mountains in Switzerland or Austria.

Snow-capped mountain adventures and activities aren't the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Morocco - but it's true! Morocco has incredibly popular skiing and snow sports destinations for the fraction of the cost to a European destination. Both Ifrane and Oukaimeden offer equally wonderful snow sports facilities.

Perched at 2650m in the High Atlas, lies Oukaimeden. Registering as Africa's highest ski resort, with a chairlift rising to the 3,258m peak of Jebel Attar.

Photo by Oussama Nouam/Flickr

The sleepy village offers a peaceful getaway from the hustle of Marrakesh 75km to the north. Even though Oukaimeden is a great year-round destination, ski enthusiasts and winter lovers find this unspoiled place perfect for the winter sport.

The highlight of reaching this resort on a clear day is that skiers can see the Sahara desert dunes shimmer in the distance.

PHOTO BY Flickr/Milamber's portfolio

The Ski resort has all the facilities typical to European resort – ski hire, ski school, restaurants, and hotels.

Oukaimeden is not just about skiing. For families, there is a sledding area and the queue for the chairlift for visitors waiting to admire the view is four times as long as the one for skiers.Guides also offer other mountain activities such as ski-touring and snowshoeing.

Photo by Rachid Tagoulla/Flickr

Tourism in Oukaimeden is on the rise, so make plans to visit this amazing location soon before the tourism kicks into full gear and the best-kept secret is know to everyone!

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