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4 Exciting Things to Do in Agadir

If you’re looking to escape the cold frosty winter of the US then look no further. Agadir offers an escape for tourists, so if you’re looking for some rest & relaxation while soaking up the sun on a pristine beach then you’ll love Agadir. If you’re looking for a more Moroccan experience, Agadir wouldn’t be ideal. However, if you’re interested in a Western resort town with heavy Moroccan influences then Agadir is right for you.

Taghazout beach by Louis Hansel

About Agadir

The city of Agadir began growing in the 1960s after a major earthquake. What makes Agadir stand out is the lack of history that it has compared to many other cities in Morocco. There are different terrains that surround Agadir from beaches to mountain trails, this gives visitors the opportunity to have an adventure. Compared to other cities, Agadir can feel more like a resort town compared to other cities in Morocco, there are different cultural influences in the popular Marina such as French cuisine. It’s also very common to find people who speak multiple languages such as English and Spanish for example. This laid-back little city is perfect for tourists who want to have a peaceful getaway while still getting to experience the beauty of Moroccan culture.

Tamraght beach by Louis Hansel

Visiting the Beach

When in Agadir, you must visit the beach. Tourists flock to Agadir to visit its famous beach. There are plenty of activities to do when visiting the beach, surfing is a very popular one. But you can also do something simple yet unique such as riding a camel on the beach. You can also take a relaxing walk and enjoy the views of the sunset from the beach as well. There are also other small coastal cities close to Agadir too such as Aglou which is popular for paragliding.

Enjoy the Architecture

The architecture in Agadir is astounding, as stated earlier the city really began to take off in the 1960s, so you’ll find the buildings to be more new. What makes the architecture so impressive is that they’re all designed in a more traditional Moroccan way so there are still many details to be discovered. A great example would be the colorful Mosque Mohammed V, you can admire the beautiful façade without even needing to go inside.

The Media of Agadir was actually a project by the Italian architect Coco Polizzi, built-in 1992 it still gives a historical atmosphere to it thanks to the design respecting the traditional architecture of the country.

Visiting the Souk El Had

The Souk El Had is the biggest souk in Agadir, this market is for both tourists and for locals to do their daily shopping. It’s also known to be one of the most extraordinary souks in Morocco too. It’s very colorful with all the spices, fresh produce, and fabric being sold. The souk is divided up into sections, one for artesian goods, clothing, spices, electronics, and so on. The area in Agadir produces some of the best saffron in Africa, so if you love cooking this would be an excellent souvenir. Bargaining is an absolute must if you want to get a good deal, the vendors will always tell you a much higher price beforehand.

Croco park by Dariusz Kanclerz

Visit Croco Park

Outside of the Marina, you’ll find some adventure parks if you’re looking for a little excitement. Located just outside the city, you’ll find Croco Park. This family-friendly park is perfect for any animal lover. This park offers an experience where you can see and learn about the Nile crocodile. Within the park itself, there are over 300 crocodiles, there are also gift shops and cafes as well within the park.

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