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The political capital of Morocco on and off for over one thousand years, Fes is said by some to be the cultural, religious and intellectual heart of the country. This city welcomed Jews and Muslims fleeing Spain after the fall of Alhambra in 1492 and embraced the diversity of knowledge, skills and craftsmanship that they brought with them. Citizens of Fes are intensely proud, as well they should be, of this beautiful city and it's rich colorful history which still feels very much alive.


The oldest university in the world, the University of Karaouine, was founded here in 859-AD and subsequently became one of the leading spiritual and educational centers in the Muslim world. With such historical cites still very much in use today, the city is described by some as a living museum. In addition, it also boasts many intricately decorated palaces, mosques and city gates, Fes desert trip providing visitors with unexpected pockets of both beauty, craftsmanship and human ingenuity around every corner. The Golden Gates of the Royal Palace might be the most photographed example of this in the city, but the Bab Boujlloud, often referred to as the Blue Gate is just as iconic.


Just 2 hours drive from Rabat, you may well feel like you have walked into a living history book here, and indeed life here goes on very much like it did hundreds of years ago. Donkey's laden with goods still push their way through the tiny streets, and students still study the Koran and discuss philosophy in the utopian garden courtyards tucked away in the maze of tiny streets. The French influence was minimal here and the foreign population in the Medina is still small, leaving the residents here the proud protectors of Moroccan traditions and values.


Also home to the largest Medina in northern Africa, you could spend days, or even weeks, letting yourself get lost in the tiny alleys and the thousands of tiny stalls within them. Here you should make sure to spend some time, because these streets have remained almost unchanged by the course of time. As you browse amongst the woodcarvings, carpets, jewellery and embroidery for the perfect souvenir to take home, you are also sure to meet some if the city's wonderfully colorful people, skilled craftsmen and feel for a moment like you are apart of the living tapestry of the city.














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