This vibrant and colorful fishing village may be the next big tourist attraction in Morocco. Just 200 kilometers from Marrakech, and long favored by artists and musicians, this romantic city offers the quaint beauty of a charming 18th century town, as well as some of the best surfing on the Atlantic coast of Africa. An 18th century wall surrounding a maze of cobblestoned streets, whitewashed walls; and a beautiful harbor complete with tiny, colorful fishing boats going in and out to get the day's catch, this town will live long in your memory. 


With a name that means "coastal wind", the beach here may be too windy to be good for sun-baking most of the time, but has made it a favorite among surfers, windsurfers and kite surfers for years. So while the city might be by-passed by the beach tourists flocking to the Atlantic coast in Summer, the spice-scented lanes, pretty streets and fresh fish make this town the perfect destination for experiencing Morocco's history and traditions whilst also enjoying a relaxed, laid-back and small village atmosphere of the fishing town that it is.


With an arty and bohemian history, Essaouira has small galleries and some gorgeous shops. It is also home to the Gnaoua festival, a vibrant music festival that takes over the city for a weekend every year in June. If you love food, you will want to spend some time here too. With some of Morocco's best and freshest seafood, great street food, and a growing number restaurants featuring both traditional and international fusion, your tastebuds will be delighted here. This is also the perfect place to do a cooking class and learn how to recreate the best flavors of Morocco at home. What better souvenir could there possibly be?

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