Kitesurfing in Dakhla desert in white beach sand in morocco


Things To do In Dakhla

On the Atlantic coast of the Western Sahara, Dakhla is over 1300 kilometers south of Essaouira and an extremely isolated city in Morocco. This might make it a little harder to get to, but this is definitely not a reason to skip it. Home to the desert, ocean waves, diverse wildlife, ancient culture and also incredibly remote - this is Dakhla. If you want to experience a side of Morocco that most people miss out on, then this city is for you.


A long time favorite for surfers, kitesurfers and anyone who loves big waves, this city offers the best of the ocean, right alongside the Sahara desert. For kitesurfers, this place is paradise. It is windy here 300 days per year and with a lagoon as well as ocean access, it is accessible to both beginners and professionals as evidenced by the many international surfing and kitesurfing competitions have been held here.


With the lagoon offering unique shelter in the area, this place is also home to an incredibly diverse array of wildlife. UNESCO has even supported a project to help preserve the biodiversity here. With dolphins, flamingos and even orcas visiting here, this is a truly incredible spot to enjoy your favorite water sport.


Of course, being right on the Atlantic Ocean, this is also a city where you can enjoy some of the most fresh and delicious seafood of your life. With cuisine influenced by Spain, Arabia and France, and hand-farmed oysters, this is a place where you can delight your tastebuds after a day on the water or in the desert.

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