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Street art in the heart of Morocco

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Without any doubt, North Africa’s captivating country of Morocco is a real meca for art lovers. Morocco is filled with architectural gems, varying from gorgeous mosques, ornate palaces to exquisite fountains, fortresses and numerous other structures with striking designs.

Aside from the abundant Moorish Architecture, a relatively new and not usually associated with Morocco, is the country’s amazing street art scene.

Street art in Morocco was not so prominent until recent times, however, today, colorful and eclectic artworks are breathing life into walls and buildings around the country.

Locals and visitors can enjoy the work of the super talented Moroccan street artist troughout the country.

The street art trough the country is pretty diverse, with a myraid of different themes displayed, however, some subjects are visibly more prevelant.

Scenes of local people and local life, striking portraits of Arabs and Berbers can be seen on the walls and buildings in large Moroccan cities including Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat and even Chefchaouen.

This blend of traditional and modern helps to showcase local culutre in a fresh, contremporary way.

Photo by mhobl CC By 2.0

Street art was relatively new and not so prominent in Morocco until recently. However, since 2015, the country's capital Rabat hosts an annual street art festival, named Jidar, where international and local street artists can showcase their work on numerous buildings around the city.

The goal of the festival is to encourage local talented street artist around Morocco to contribute in this contemporary form of art and assist in enrichening the street art scene.

Photo by Pedro Lozano CC by 2.0

In 2011, an idenpendent 'Art Agency' – the first of its kind in Morocco – named Placebo Studio opened its doors in Casablanca, to challenge the local street art scene by involcing urban artists in commercially focused projects.

Photo by Miguel Discart CC By 2.0

Overall, the Moroccan street art scene is a refreshing wave of contemproary and modern culture in a country that has already abundance of rich tradition and opulent architecture.


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