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Atlas Mountains Solo Travel Morocco

Home to one of the highest peaks on the African continent, and spanning three countries, the Atlas Mountains separate the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines from the Sahara desert. These mountains are actually a series of mountain ranges with incredibly diverse terrain and wildlife, and with several remote and traditional Berber villages still operating much as they have for hundreds of years. 


It is only in recent years that the Atlas mountains and sahara desert tour have made it onto the tourist map, and as a result they are beautifully untouched still and perfect for anyone wanting to get off the beaten track in Morocco. For hiking, this is incredible territory - not easy going for most, with difficult terrain and long distances, but with sweeping views that make it worthwhile. 


In the villages, you can witness life go on much as it has for hundreds of years, untouched by the conveniences of the modern world. Centered on agriculture and at the mercy of mother nature, the locals here measure distance in days instead of kilometers and still rely on traveling markets to get supplies from outside.


With the highest peak Mt. Toubkal just over 100 kilometers from Marrakech, the High Atlas mountains can be visited in just one day, or explored over a period of weeks or more. Whether you choose to explore on foot, horseback, mountain-biking or by car, this region is accessible for all travelers and this unforgiving but incredible mountain range will not disappoint. 

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